Advocacy Accelerator Resources

The Advocacy Accelerator is a Curator of multi-sectoral, Africa-focussed learning resources, carefully selected to enhance your advocacy skills. Our resource library offers a plethora of advocacy knowledge products which are multi-sectoral in their application and seek to build advocacy excellence in Africa by aggregating relevant teaching and learning tools, guides and other resources.

Advocacy Accelerator Podcasts and Webinars

Going beyond typical capacity building practices, the Accelerator leverages technology to build vibrant advocacy communities across the continent, yet remains inclusive of global best practices, innovation and learning from around the world. Learn from seasoned advocates as they share their perspectives on topical advocacy issues via the AAC Webinar Series. Listen to or download podcasts and videos from the global community of community of advocates. Be the first to watch the ****AAC Video Series (coming soon) **** and see how advocates across Africa have created, innovated and adapted to the many ‘new normals’ wrought by the Covid 19 Pandemic.