AAC Flagship Programmes

The A​dvocacy Accelerator (AAC) actively responds to the advocacy capacity needs of local actors in the development advocacy ecosystem, including health, in Africa. Our Flagship Programmes are a direct result of the community’s responses to our annual survey and the many AAC-hosted conversations, both in-person and online. We have acted by creating value-based ​p​rogrammes ​that approach advocacy from a perspective of intersectionality and inclusion.

In response to the changing times, the Advocacy Accelerator (AAC) has adapted our Flagship Programmes from in-person to blended and fully online training courses designed to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of local advocacy efforts. To foster greater alignment and collaboration between individual advocates, advocacy organisations, and advocacy technical assistance providers on the continent, our training includes peer learning and opportunities for coaching and mentoring.

AAC Flagship Programmes

We are constantly adding new trainings to our portfolio to strengthen the advocacy capacity of individual advocates, as well as the ability of advocacy organisations on the continent to determine locally driven advocacy agendas. Look out for our new Flagship Programmes in 2022, to include Knowledge Management for Advocacy and Advocacy Communications.

As well as our Flagship Programmes, we also design bespoke linking and learning platforms for particular groups that may wish to have the AAC create and deliver personalized training to meet particular advocacy needs. These linking and learning platforms comprise a safe and inclusive virtual space for advocates to learn, innovate and share experiences, expertise, data, and processes.

If you are interested in personalised ​p​rogrammes for particular groups or​ ​in joining the next session of any of our Flagship Programmes​,​ please​ ​contact [email protected]​.

Advocacy 101

This online four half day training is for advocates new to advocacy. The course is designed to introduce different advocacy models and tools and to take participants through the steps in developing an advocacy strategy.

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Advocacy Communications

In an ever-changing world, Advocacy Communications lies at the root of effective influencing. To shape advocacy communications strategies, advocacy goals are translated into a concise and compelling call-to-action – leading to change. This course explores the relevant how-to aspects, how to choose and leverage the right communications channels, as well as the ins and outs of setting a communications strategy that engages and persuades audiences.

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Campaign Accelerator

This Advocacy Accelerator flagship programme is offered online for both the Anglophone and Francophone communities.

About the Virtual Campaign Accelerator

Who wins lasting change in today’s world? Nimble teams that build creative and transformative advocacy campaigns that engage people in meaningful ways.

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Digital Advocacy

The advocacy landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few years, in a large part due to COVID19. Recent research conducted by AAC with partners highlighted the need for support in continuing advocacy using digital strategies and tactics. Advocacy Accelerator has developed an advocacy capacity strengthening programme informed by innovative digital campaigning from across Africa aimed at strengthening the impact of advocates work for change.

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Feminist Advocacy

Feminist Advocacy refers to what and how we advocate for social, economic and political equality. The AAC has developed a feminist advocacy capacity strengthening programme for feminists and gender justice activists working in Africa. The Feminist Advocacy Capacity Strengthening Programme is a tailor-made capacity strengthening approach intended for feminist advocacy organisations from across the continent.

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Knowledge Management for Advocacy

Welcome to the Advocacy Accelerator’s Knowledge Management for Advocacy Training Curriculum. In this training course you will cover essential introductory aspects of knowledge management and the evolution to a modern knowledge management paradigm, while gaining an initial understanding of some of the key knowledge management tools and implementation strategies that best support advocacy organisations and those that support advocacy. The content of this training course is aimed at preparing you to implement knowledge management for advocacy to support a broader campaign or advocacy initiative.

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Mental Health for Advocacy

Mental health is an essential part of a person’s overall well-being. Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. It plays a role in our ability to handle stress, to form relationships, and research suggests that it can even affect physical health. Mental illness is not only in itself considered a major social problem, it also often results from the diverse social problems individuals face daily.

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Monitoring and Evaluation for Advocacy

The ability to demonstrate impact – for institutional growth and to report to donors – is a key element of advocacy work. Monitoring progress can be difficult given the long-term nature of advocacy and the typically short-term nature of advocacy funding. The Advocacy Accelerator offers a 3-part Advocacy Studio on Monitoring and Evaluation for Advocacy (M&E for Advocacy) twice annually. It is offered for free to civil society organizations working in Africa.

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Resource Mobilization for Advocacy

Successful fundraising for advocacy has always been difficult and this has been exacerbated by the pressures on NGO’s and funding sources by the current socio-political climate including the impact of COVID-19. Based on research into what capacity strengthening organisations most need, the Advocacy Accelerator now offers an online course on Resource Mobilisation for Advocacy (ResMob).

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