Knowledge Management for Advocacy

Knowledge Management for Advocacy

Welcome to the Advocacy Accelerator’s Knowledge Management for Advocacy Training Curriculum. In this training course you will cover essential introductory aspects of knowledge management and the evolution to a modern knowledge management paradigm, while gaining an initial understanding of some of the key knowledge management tools and implementation strategies that best support advocacy organisations and those that support advocacy. The content of this training course is aimed at preparing you to implement knowledge management for advocacy to support a broader campaign or advocacy initiative.


Be able to understand and explain the fundamental concepts of knowledge management for advocacy including:

  • Be able to recognise the right ways to practice and implement knowledge management for your advocacy and campaigning work
  • Familiarise yourself with the knowledge management life cycle and new modern knowledge management paradigm
  • Be able to identify and use different knowledge management models
  • Build a knowledge management rationale for your advocacy work
  • Understand how to modify and adapt knowledge management definitions where required
  • Identify tips for successful implementation within your advocacy work

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