Advocacy Communications

Advocacy Communications

In an ever-changing world, Advocacy Communications lies at the root of effective influencing. To shape advocacy communications strategies, advocacy goals are translated into a concise and compelling call-to-action – leading to change. This course explores the relevant how-to aspects, how to choose and leverage the right communications channels, as well as the ins and outs of setting a communications strategy that engages and persuades audiences.

Advocacy Communications outputs often begin with setting a targeted message and run through every avenue of changemaking, with fast-evolving considerations in the contemporary digital age. Advocacy communications tools are also becoming broader, encompassing everything from creating a dynamic website, storytelling, documentation, infographics, social media, and so much more. Central to this is a thorough understanding of audiences, which is crucial to shaping a tailored, integrated action plan.

Participants will learn all aspects of setting a winning communications strategy, choosing, and utilizing the right tools and tactics, and a run-through of case studies that best showcase effective communications approaches. The main learning would be an overview of all aspects of visibility building and advocacy communications techniques, whilst accounting for the relevant voices, priorities, stakeholder engagement, and the vastly changed communications landscape.

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