Resource Mobilization for Advocacy

Resource Mobilization for Advocacy

Successful fundraising for advocacy has always been difficult and this has been exacerbated by the pressures on NGO’s and funding sources by COVID-19. Based on research into what capacity strengthening organisations most need, the Advocacy Accelerator now offers an online course on Resource Mobilisation for Advocacy (ResMob).

The Online ResMob course is a 6-week virtual in-depth training programme that enhances the capacity of participants to understand, assess and select an appropriate mix of resource mobilisation options and significantly improve their ability to identify and engage with donors. AAC offers the training for free, to advocates in the African region.

The course is ideal for those who desire to construct a robust resource mobilisation plan, maximise the process of grant seeking and establish self-generated income, as it mirrors the advocacy cycle to develop a comprehensive resource mobilisation cycle. It comprises 6 open pods (lectures) that introduce a particular thematic area and, 11 learning bundles that delve deeper into specific thematic areas. The programme also offers mentorship on need basis for participants. The mentorship provides guidance and support for a challenge related to the course (such as researching a funder or submitting a proposal).

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