Digital Advocacy

Digital Advocacy

The AAC uses technology to reach advocates across Africa with a demonstrated need for its services and support. Our aim is to disrupt traditional models of development work and build an inclusive advocacy ecosystem that values peer-to-peer learning and local knowledge from the African experience. The AAC is consciously Africa-centric and issue agnostic. A key focus of our three-year strategy (2019 – 2021), is to strengthen the advocacy ecosystem with a spotlight on advocates working in health and development, technical assistance providers and donors.

The advocacy landscape has shifted dramatically during this year mainly due to COVID19. Recent research conducted by AAC with partners highlighted the need for support in continuing advocacy using digital strategies and tactics. Advocacy Accelerator has developed an advocacy capacity strengthening programme informed by innovative digital campaigning from across Africa aimed at strengthening the impact of advocates work for change.

The purpose of the capacity strengthening programme is;

  1. To design and facilitate a 3-part virtual session aimed at building the capacity of advocates working in the African advocacy ecosystem on digital advocacy
  2. To map existing digital advocacy tools applicable to the African advocacy ecosystem with an aim to develop an e-learning course that meets the needs of advocates that can be deployed online
  3. To share useful tools and resources
  4. To identify strategies for ongoing mentoring and support

The digital advocacy training workshop series, is a 5 module online training open to change makers throughout Africa, and offered free of charge.

The sessions cover these 5 key areas;

  • Fundamentals of digital advocacy
  • Innovative and controversial digital advocacy tactics
  • Planning an impactful digital campaign
  • Specific tools to amplify your campaign
  • Measuring your digital advocacy impact

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