About Advocacy Accelerator

The Advocacy Accelerator (AAC)​ helps the advocacy ecosystem thrive, strengthening African-led solutions.

Five things to know about the Advocacy Accelerator​ (AAC)​​:

  1. We understand the advocacy ecosystem. We focus on building competence while changing mindsets about what it takes for individuals and organisations to do advocacy.
  2. We are an enabler, catalyst, and thought/strategy partner. We do not advocate ourselves, but instead work with advocates and partners to accelerate their success.
  3. We are a learning organisation. We are serious about harvesting, analysing, and documenting sharing context-specific analysis and insight with all advocacy actors.
  4. We are a linking organisation that builds partnerships within and across sectors, issues and geographies, reducing redundancies and fostering greater collaboration within advocacy spaces.
  5. Our endgame is stronger advocacy practices that drive accountability and impact within the health and development sector.
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We are a linking & learning space
We are an Advocacy Research Hub
We are a Training Hub (2)
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