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Advocates amplify the voices of their communities – empowering grassroots advocates yields locally driven impact.

We interviewed a group of changemakers about their experiences during the pandemic – furthering bottom-up impact despite changing realities posed by the pandemic, advocacy funding limitations, as well as broader human rights abuses. Advocacy work is no short of challenges, but restrictions and bottlenecks have magnified in recent years.

Our findings and interviews are also backed by the Accelerator’s cutting-edge research on Africa’s advocacy ecosystem, aiming to inform best practices and forge African-led solutions. Explore the research here and share your perspectives with us via a blog postTwitter, or the AAC Facebook group.

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Why is this important?

While locally driven advocacy is crucial for driving meaningful impact, African-based advocates and CSOs are too often not the ones shaping their communities’ changemaking agendas.

#FundLocalAdvocacy is addressing this gap – empowering local, country-based advocates and taking a deep dive into the last few years.

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