Erin Anastasia Murphy

KMC Lead

Erin Anastasia Murphy is the Knowledge Management and Community Lead for The Advocacy Accelerator (AAC).

Erin began her career in the private sector leading research for a Boston-based technology start-up building community engagement platforms for nonprofit organizations. After shifting from the private sector, Erin has now worked in the field of international development for more than a decade. From 2010 to 2017, Erin was the Portfolio Lead for Pact Institute, a subsidiary of Pact, a DC-based NGO. While in this role, Erin managed the effort to develop a five-year business plan for Pact Institute that included launching new thought leadership and signature program initiatives. Additionally, Erin helped launch an organization-wide Knowledge Management initiative while at Pact. Erin has been a managing partner at Kito Global since 2020, a Boston-based firm that advises nonprofits on social enterprise development, business models, knowledge management, operations and strategy.

Erin has a Masters of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University where she completed her capstone research for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands.