Sheba Makori

Advocacy Communications (AC) Fellow

My name is Sheba Makori from Kenya. I am an advocacy accelerator and communications fellow. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications; electronic media. I graduated from Daystar University

What I hope to achieve while in the AAC

As an AC Fellow, I hope to not only learn and put into use my previously acquired communication skills but to also use communication as a tool that creates a safe space for women to acquire knowledge, share their experiences, and be empowered, as I get empowered too.

What I hope to achieve after the Internship

I hope to be able to have created a powerful and impactful networking space for myself. I also hope to sharpen my communications skills to a level that allows me to express myself in a firm but respectful manner. This internship will allow me to build a strong foundation in my career while hopefully acquiring strong and experienced mentors along the way.