I am a Donor

Donors are a key stakeholder in the advocacy ecosystem, given the need for increased donor support and advocacy funding in Africa.  

The Advocacy Accelerator strengthens donor-advocate ties, providing a platform for engagement as well as value-added services such as capacity building and advocacy evaluations. Funders are also crucial in providing resources for advocacy to run effectively, setting the direction or tone for advocacy work stemming from engagement with the Accelerator.  

Engage with the Advocacy Accelerator Community by sharing learnings and experiences with the Advocacy Accelerator. You can sign up to the AAC Communities of Practice (CoPs) to partake in dialogue with grantees and contribute to African-led advocacy becoming a driving force for development across the continent. The AAC also offers capacity building, training, and resource opportunities tailored to donors.  

Additionally, you can become an Advocacy Accelerator partner! To learn more, write us [email protected]. 

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