Sign up to be a TA Provider

Are you a Technical Assistant (TA) provider in the field of advocacy? Are you passionate about strengthening advocacy capacity for grassroots, national, regional advocacy stakeholders in Africa? Are you in the African diaspora?

The AAC defines Technical Assistance (TA) providers as Organisations or Individuals who provide advocacy capacity strengthening (training) and/or conduct advocacy related duties (non-training) on behalf of other advocacy organisations. This may include Trainers, Researchers, Evaluators, Think Tanks, INGOs/NGOs, Networks among others.

If you answered yes to all the above questions, the Advocacy Accelerator is looking for you. We are seeking to create an accessible TA providers Directory to ensure that advocacy organisations in Africa have access to local TAs for support and to increase linkages within and strengthen the African advocacy ecosystem. We hope you will join this exciting new directory!


Why is this important?

Part of the AAC mandate is to support TA Providers by identifying and linking TA Providers with each other and to the advocacy community at large in Africa. This is in line with its mandate to disrupt the African advocacy ecosystem and tackle structures and hegemonies of power that isolate and exclude African TA Providers. Our research has shown us that African TA Providers struggle to access advocacy TA opportunities in Africa.

Benefits of a TA Provider

By signing up to the TA directory you have the following benefits:

☑ Connect with other TA providers, hence providing opportunity to engage and learn

☑ Connect with advocates/CSOs to understand their capacity strengthening needs, helps TAs to be more informed.

☑ Connect with potential funders/clients hence increasing chances for opportunities/funding.

☑ Access to learning opportunities which helps strengthen your expertise as a TA.

What you should do

To be considered for inclusion on the database please fill in the survey . If you are an individual, please also include your CV and 2 contactable references and if you are an organisation, please submit your capacity profile.

What next?

The AAC will conduct a review of the CV’s for consideration. Thereafter, your details will be uploaded onto the TA providers’ directory for ease of access by advocates in the Global South whenever there is demand.