Terms of Reference for a Consultant to Lead the Design of a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy as Part of a 5-year Gender Equality Programme in Kenya.

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Terms of Reference for a Consultant to Lead the Design of a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy as Part of a 5-year Gender Equality Programme in Kenya.

March 6 @ 12:00 am - May 31 @ 11:30 pm


Kenya has a progressive regulatory environment, which provides multiple protections for women and girls. However, we are yet to see a strong adherence to the regulatory framework on the ground, where broader social structures and norms are impeding the realisation of equality. Harmful attitudes around gender roles, norms, and female empowerment are pervasive and profound.

However, while the challenges to achieving gender equality are substantial, the current youth population in Kenya represent a unique opportunity for change: they make up 21% of the country’s population, are highly connected through mass media, are more open minded, and

keen to challenge the status quo. If we can challenge gender norms for this generation, then we can change the story for good.


Shujaaz Inc and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation (MTV SAF) are two of the world’s most

established and successful youth-centred media for social change organisations, with more

than two decades’ experience of creating award-winning mass media, with scientifically-proven impact models, and unparalleled reach and brand recognition in Kenya and across sub-Saharan Africa.

Long time admirers of each others work, we started developing a concept for a joint campaign over a year ago, and in September, we received a grant from the Packard Foundation which enabled us to develop our thinking and do the ground-work for a five year programme to advance gender equality through the power of mass-media in Kenya.

We have developed a 4-pillar model for how our programme will deliver sustained gender normative change:

  1. SURROUND-SOUND STORY-TELLING: The whole programme will be underpinned by 5 years of surround-sound storytelling told across multiple media channels to reach young people aged 15-24.
  2. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: This media content will be activated by continuous community-level youth engagement & peer-to-peer
  3. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT & ADVOCACY: The above 2 youth-focused pillars will be reinforced by a parallel workstream of local stakeholder engagement & advocacy activities
  1. LEARNING & EVALUATION: All of which will be informed & shaped by an ambitious large-scale learning, insight-sharing and evaluation programme, led by a consortium of local and global experts & research institutions, to showcase how a scaled-up media- first approach can drive lasting norm-change.

Shujaaz Inc & MTV SAF are experts in youth-engagement (pillars 1 & 2) but while the media campaign can drive normative change among young people, we know that we can’t secure lasting change unless we work with the norm holders – that’s the parents, faith leaders, teachers, community leaders and opinion formers who can challenge and uphold gender equality.

So we are looking for an experienced consultant to help shape the strategy for the 3rd pillar

‘stakeholder engagement & advocacy’, outlining how it should be structured, how it will interact and integrate with the other pillars, and which approaches to take to engage the key stakeholders and gatekeepers of the gender norms to ensure a lasting enabling environment for the programme.


The objectives of this assignment are to develop an informed and thorough 5-year strategy fully aligned to the vision and mission of MTV SAF and Shujaaz Inc’s programme that can be easily integrated into proposals for funding partners and with a roadmap for execution.


The key deliverables from this assignment to include:

  1. Final Strategic Plan document that includes:
  • An agreed articulation of what success looks like for this pillar
  • A proposed structure for the pillar
  • Stakeholder engagement overview (which individuals / organisations should be considered for implementing different parts of the strategy and why) and a proposed approach by which to engage identified stakeholders
  • A strategic action plan that the team can track progress against
  • Suggestions for tracking/monitoring the progress towards the face-of-success, which can be considered in/integrated into the overall programme’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning framework
  1. Regular updates to the Shujaaz Inc and MTV SAF teams on progress
  2. A workshop to present and unpack the strategy to key team members and other key stakeholders

The consultant will provide final electronic versions of all material to the Shujaaz Inc & MTV SAF leads.

Shujaaz Inc and MTV SAF roles and responsibilities The client will avail the following:

  • All material on the gender equality programme relevant to the assignment
  • Key Shujaaz Inc and MTV SAF team members will be available for meetings as required and as advised in advance by the


Consultancy fee payment will be aligned to the expected outputs/deliverables and part payment will be made on completion and submission of deliverables for each milestone. The breakdown of the payment milestones will be agreed upon confirmation of the scope and actual expected deliverables. All payments will be subject to Government of Kenya taxes.


The assignment is expected to start by 06-03-2023 and end before 31-05-2023. This is subject to change based on new developments and shall be discussed and agreed with the consultant.

Interested in applying? Please submit a proposal of no more than 6 pages, your CVy and a quote by 28th February 2023 to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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March 6 @ 12:00 am
May 31 @ 11:30 pm
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