This webinar hosted by Tribeless Youth, was held on Wednesday, 4th September 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15p.m.  It sought to respond to Voice Partner organisations need to learn more about Tribeless Youth’s Resource of Open Minds and UBUNTU projects that use creativity to bring about social change.

The webinar also tackled several areas such as:

  • Initiatives used by Tribeless Youth to create sources of livelihood for Persons with Disabilities who are youth and creatives at the same time
  • Creation of content for Tribeless Youth’s online campaign i.e. the message design and packaging
  • How Tribeless Youth measures the impact of  their advocacy work
  • How Tribeless Youth partners with the government in its advocacy efforts
  • How Tribeless Youth ensures inclusivity and representation of all youth around Kenya, including those based in the rural areas

The discussion was a follow up of the Market Place session hosted by the Advocacy Accelerator during the Voice Linking and Learning event held in Naivasha, Kenya in May 2019. 6 out of the 15 Voice Partner organisations represented indicated their desire to connect with Tribeless Youth to learn more about use of art and creativity in advocacy.

Click here to listen to the webinar recording