In this section, we highlight AAC Advocacy training programs which are developed based on the needs of the advocacy community.

Resource Mobilisation for Advocacy

The Advocacy Accelerator recently concluded the Resource Mobilisation for Advocacy flagship training programme. Over the course of six weeks during June and July, the programme provided training and networking platform for 91 advocates. Participants covered topics such as developing winning funding proposals, creating resource mobilization strategies, and securing sustainable income channels.

“NGOs and CBOs are under constant survival pressure – looking for sustainable solutions to continue their important advocacy work. The Resource Mobilisation training enabled organisations to get a thorough grounding in how to develop a funding strategy, expand their donor base and write winning proposals. Moving into the mentorship phase of the training enables organisations to get one-to-one support in the areas they most need assistance.” Vicci Tallis; Content, Facilitation and Training Lead

In continuation of the journey, the participants have begun a mentorship programme which will cement the learning that they gained in the training. Each participants has been assigned to a mentor, who is a subject matter expert in the field which is aligned with the participants advocacy work.

For more information you can reach out to the AAC Content and Facilitation Team at [email protected]