Resource Mobilisation Training Programme

In response to a deluge of requests from our network, the Advocacy Accelerator is now able to offer a unique learning programme to equip leaders and key staff in CSOs and NGOs with solutions to everlasting challenge of securing funds.

Starting on 6th-7th November 2018, in Nairobi, we invite you to join our Comprehensive Resource Mobilisation Training Programme. This has been designed give you the mindset and techniques to master sustainable resource mobilisation for your organisation. It will change your whole approach to securing funds, question your assumptions and introduce new skills and systems. The style of training will be unique and challenging.

The four modules will cover:

  • Understanding your donors and the readiness of your organisation. Which model to follow? – 6th-7th November 2018

  • Networking, building relationships and negotiating with donors. – 15th January 2019

  • The secrets of successful proposals. – 25th February 2019

  • Developing a Sustainability Plan. – 9th April 2019

Target Audience

  • NGO’s of all sizes, particularly targeting managers responsible for resource mobilisation function and Board members.

  • International NGO Programme Managers who advise local partners on how to develop a sustainable approach to resource mobilisation.

  • Female/ youth leaders of dynamic CSOs who are early into the sustainability game and who want to add sophistication to their mix of passion, intuition and energy.

  • NGOs that are dependent upon a single donor and/or NGOs which need to expand beyond grant based sources of funding.

Core Elements

  • Understanding the life cycles of NGO’s.

  • Maximising the processes of grantseeking.

  • Developing a resource mobilisation strategy.

  • Establishing self-generated income.


Bill Bruty

Bill Bruty,

Director of Fundraising Training Ltd

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6th-7th November 2018

15th January 2019

25th February 2019

9th April 2019


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