After this course you will be able to:

  • Construct a robust three-year resource mobilisation plan.

  • Understand, assess and select the appropriate mix of resource mobilisation options.

  • Significantly improve your ability to identify, engage with and submit successful proposals to donors.

  • Improve your grantseeking skills so that you have more long-term funders and a greater diversity of donors.

  • Go beyond grant seeking and decide how to invest in self generated income.

Target Audience

  • NGO’s of all sizes, particularly targeting managers responsible for resource mobilisation function and Board members.

  • International NGO Programme Managers who advise local partners on how to develop a sustainable approach to resource mobilisation.

  • Female/ youth leaders of dynamic CSOs who are early into the sustainability game and who want to add sophistication to their mix of passion, intuition and energy.

  • NGOs that are dependent upon a single donor and/or NGOs which need to expand beyond grant based sources of funding.

Core Elements

  • Understanding the life cycles of NGO’s.

  • Maximising the processes of grantseeking.

  • Developing a resource mobilisation strategy.

  • Establishing self-generated income.

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Bill Bruty

Bill Bruty,

Director of Fundraising Training Ltd

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17 – 18 September 2018


Amref Health Africa HQ