Online Resource Mobilization for Advocacy

Online Resource Mobilization for Advocacy

The Advocacy Accelerator has partnered with Fundraising Training Ltd to offer in depth training packages on resource mobilisation for advocates across the African region. This learning programme is an online adaptation of the successful two-day event, followed up by a ‘Pit Stop’, in Tanzania (from October 2018 to April 2019) that was part of the previous Advocacy Accelerator Resource Mobilisation training programme.

The training will have various levels of intensity. Participants will understand, assess and select appropriate mix of resource mobilisation options and significantly improve their ability to identify and engage with donors.

A unique element of this programme is the mirroring of the advocacy cycle as a resource mobilisation cycle. This is crucial in gaining the understanding and commitment of the participants which under-pins a core part of the Advocacy Accelerator’s curriculum. It is generally ideal for those who desire to construct a robust resource mobilisation plan, maximise the process of grant seeking and establishing a self-generated income.

We are planning 6 open lectures and 11 ‘learning bundles’. These ‘bundles’ will consider of self-paced learning resources and an online interactive workshops, delivered. There will be four elements to the ‘learning bundles’:

  1. 90 minute interactive learning experience.
  2. 20 minute video recording of the presentations within the workshops. This will be available for three months, for self paced learning.
  3. 15 minute audio recording of a case study of the learning in practice. This will be available for three months, for self paced learning.
  4. Comprehensive course materials with self-asssessed exercises which can be undertaken in the workplace.

All 100 participants will be able to attend the six lectures and have access to the ‘self-paced’ components of the ‘learning bundles’. In addition they will be able to select two interactive workshops from the 11 available.

In addition to the eleven learning bundles, we will also offer a mentor who will provide up to three hours of guidance for the implementation of a work challenge related to the course (such as researching a funder or submitting a proposal). This mentoring will be available for a three month period after the completion of the workshops.

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