Meaningful engagement of GFW grantees in the Generation Equality Forum 2021 Process

Meaningful engagement of GFW grantees in the Generation Equality Forum 2021 Process

Global Fund for Women – GFWUK has partnered with AAC to strengthen the capacities of young grassroots feminist activists to meaningfully participate and influence the Generation Equality Forum/Beijing+25 process. The project engages with diverse young feminist-led grassroots organisations, representing marginalised people, and smaller and/or unregistered groups in Anglophone and Francophone Africa. The groups are from 7 countries namely, Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameron, DRC and Uganda.

Under this project, AAC has conducted a capacity needs assessment for the groups and will craft a training based on that for the group. AAC will review and adopt its feminist advocacy curriculum and create a link between advocacy and influencing GEF process at national, regional levels. There will also be an offline component that supports the young feminists by getting them connected to different groups and different government departments with the aim to influence GEF decision-making spaces and influencing national stakeholders to make/increase national commitments and accountability to the GEF process and priorities.


  1. Strengthen the advocacy capacity of young grassroots feminist activists based on their collective needs;
  2. Increase young grassroots feminist activists knowledge and understanding of the Beijing+25 process including but not limited to how local/national/regional activities influence a global process and help identify opportunities for groups to influence their national stakeholders and/or the GEF process to ensure commitments reflect intersectional realities;
  3. Enhance connectivity between feminist groups in the region to foster collective strategizing and peer learning, and to build informal networks
  4. Support young grassroots feminist activists in the region to collectively prioritise and respond to emergent opportunities, including opportunities to connect with other feminist groups (not funded under this initiative), to influence the GEF process/national commitments; and advise Global Fund for Women on the most effective use of their dedicate budget line to support this

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