Challenging Patriarchy

Challenging Patriarchy

The Challenging Patriarchy Program is a 12 months capacity strengthening initiative for young feminists in seven countries within the Eastern African Region. These include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somaliland. The Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBS) programme goal envisions a cohesive collaboration between feminists in the region who challenge patriarchy. HBS hosted two convening for vocal feminists in the region in 2018 and 2019. The participants expressed interest in a platform that would allow them to strategize, work together and learn from each other. Such a platform would allow for better coordination in the various in-country efforts in challenging patriarchy.

This led to the proposed partnership with Advocacy Accelerator, to develop a platform that would respond to the needs of the feminists in the region. Under the theme “Challenging Patriarchy”, AAC is implementing a pilot project across the seven countries in the region. The project targets young feminists from the region to strengthen their capacities in challenging patriarchy and build a cohort of feminists who understand and are able to challenge patriarchy as it affects their lived realities.

Over and above strengthening capacity on an individual level, the project will also develop joint campaigns across the countries – highlighting an agenda for young feminists in the region. The project will link diverse feminists in a peer to peer framework and provide a range of information, expertise, experiences, and lessons learned across the field. It will further offer interactive in-person and virtual spaces that foster mentoring and coaching, support and promote learning within and across sectors and countries.

To achieve a comprehensive and wholesome learning experience for the identified young feminist, the project will be implemented in three phases.

  • Phase 1: Design and development of an online platform
  • Phase 2: Pilot of the young feminist capacity building
  • Phase 3: Impact evaluation and scale-up


Feminists engaged with the programme in the region are connected, capacitated, and equipped to effectively challenge patriarchy in the public discourse.


  • Establish a safe and user-friendly platform for feminists in target countries to pursue a common set of feminist-identified policy priorities addressing gender equality issues.
  • Strengthen the capacity of feminists in the countries through virtual learning, training, and capacity building on feminist advocacy principles and on issue-based advocacy to challenge patriarchy.
  • Integrate ongoing mentoring and coaching to the feminists through their advocacy efforts to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Develop a joint campaign agenda that tackles the key gender challenges facing feminists in the seven countries

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