AAC Flagship Programs

The AAC actively responds to the advocacy capacity needs of local actors in the development advocacy ecosystem, including health, in Africa. Our Flagship Programs are a direct result of the community’s responses to our annual survey and the many AAC-hosted conversations, both in-person and online. We have acted by creating value-based programs which approach advocacy from a perspective of intersectionality and inclusion.

In response to the changing times, the AAC has adapted our Flagship Programs from in-person to blended and fully online training courses designed to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of local advocacy efforts. To foster greater alignment and collaboration between individual advocates, advocacy organisations, and advocacy technical assistance providers on the continent, our training includes peer learning and opportunities for coaching and mentoring.

AAC Flagship Programs

We are constantly adding new trainings to our portfolio to strengthen the advocacy capacity of individual advocates, as well as the ability of advocacy organisations on the continent to determine locally driven advocacy agendas. Look out for our new Flagship Programs in 2022, to include Knowledge Management for Advocacy and, Advocacy Communications.

As well as our Flagship Programs, we also design bespoke linking and learning platforms for particular groups that may wish to have the AAC create and deliver personalized training to meet particular advocacy needs. These linking and learning platforms comprise a safe and inclusive virtual space for advocates to learn, innovate and share experiences, expertise, data, and processes.

If you are interested in personalised programs for particular groups or, in joining the next session of any of our Flagship Programs please contact [email protected]

Campaign Accelerator

Who wins lasting change in today’s world? Nimble teams that build creative and transformative advocacy campaigns that engage people in meaningful ways.

Digital Advocacy

The AAC uses technology to reach advocates across Africa with a demonstrated need for its services and support. Our aim is to disrupt traditional models of development work and build an inclusive advocacy ecosystem that values peer-to-peer learning and local knowledge from the African experience. The AAC is consciously Africa-centric and issue agnostic. A key focus of our three-year strategy (2019 – 2021), is to strengthen the advocacy ecosystem with a spotlight on advocates working in health and development, technical assistance providers, and donors.

Feminist Advocacy

Global Fund for Women – GFWUK has partnered with AAC to strengthen the capacities of young grassroots feminist activists to meaningfully participate and influence the Generation Equality Forum/Beijing+25 process. The project engages with diverse young feminist-led grassroots organisations, representing marginalised people, and smaller and/or unregistered groups in Anglophone and Francophone Africa. The groups are from 7 countries namely, Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameron, DRC and Uganda.

Monitoring and Evaluation for Advocacy Studio

The Challenging Patriarchy Program is a 12 months capacity strengthening initiative for young feminists in seven countries within the Eastern African Region. These include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somaliland. The Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBS) programme goal envisions a cohesive collaboration between feminists in the region who challenge patriarchy. HBS hosted two convening for vocal feminists in the region in 2018 and 2019. The participants expressed interest in a platform that would allow them to strategize, work together and learn from each other. Such a platform would allow for better coordination in the various in-country efforts in challenging patriarchy.

Resource Mobilization for Advocacy

The Advocacy Accelerator has partnered with Fundraising Training Ltd to offer in depth training packages on resource mobilisation for advocates across the African region. This learning programme is an online adaptation of the successful two-day event, followed up by a ‘Pit Stop’, in Tanzania (from October 2018 to April 2019) that was part of the previous Advocacy Accelerator Resource Mobilisation training programme.