Opportunity: Challenging Patriarchy Project

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Opportunity: Challenging Patriarchy Project

août 11, 2021 @ 12:00

These are the terms of reference for the technical development of an online networking and learning platform for the Challenging Patriarchy Project which is funded by Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) and hosted on the Advocacy Accelerator (AAC) platform. This is not a public website, but an access-controlled sub site (henceforth knows as platform whose features will be used by young feminist participants in the HBF Challenging Patriarchy Project. The platform should facilitate user networking and learning in a safe and secure space.

Start of project: August 2021

End of project: February 2022

Development time: 4 – 6 weeks

AAC and HBF is procuring the services of a web development company/agency to design, develop and maintenance of an online platform that will include, but is not limited to:

a) Ability to host and manage the platform during development

b) Design the wireframe of the platform, with site map of pages, functionality & integrations

c) Consider text, image & video requirements during design

d) Design visual and or graphical view of site to align with AAC brand guidelines

e) Ensure secure login access to the platform.

f) Ensure notification and alert functionality by email, SMS and push notifications.

g) Ensure integration capability to building social networks on the platform

h) Gather customised RSS streams from public sources such as social media feeds

i) Ensure the ability to conduct virtual events via the platform with hosting, recording and replays accessible for users

j) Ensure ability to publish document, audio and video content that will be uploaded by users, by other uses

k) Supports back-end automated monitoring of user and platform usage.

l) Include interactive support capability for users.

m) Ensure ability to run searches based on predefined tags or criteria Enable direct messaging among users, with ability to restrict direction of messaging.

n) Deliver platform usage and performance reports

o) Execute technical and content updates

To know more information about this position and bid , please download the application.





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août 11, 2021
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