The Global Fund for Women UK partnered with The Advocacy Accelerator to co-host a programme in an advocacy strengthening support project targeted at diverse young feminist led grassroots organisations. Amongst the key objectives was to:

  • enhance connectivity between groups, particularly in Kenya and Nigeria to foster collective strategising and peer learning, and to build informal networks
  • support grantees in Kenya and Nigeria to collectively prioritise and respond to emergent opportunities, including opportunities to connect with other feminist groups (not funded under this initiative), to influence the GEF process/national commitments; and advise Global Fund for Women on the most effective use of their dedicate budget line to support

The AAC developed an advocacy capacity strengthening programme for the grantee partners informed by the needs identified through the grantees’ self-assessment survey. The virtual programme including interaction between the grantees ran from the period between February/ March and July 2021. Beyond July 2021, the group continues to actively engage as outlined in the sections below. The objective of this ongoing program is to support the meaningful inclusion and participation of young grassroots feminist activists in the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) and related Beijing+25 processes.