Graduates of this two-day experiential course will learn:

  • The core building blocks of a modern campaign

  • How to craft a campaign strategy that addresses your core problem

  • To tell a campaign story to engage your key constituencies and shift the narrative

  • Ways to decide which tactics and tools will help best deliver on your strategy

Course Description

Modern Campaigns 101 involves two full, dynamic, experiential working days. During the training, participants will:

  • Learn about the core building blocks of modern campaigns

  • Practice building an effective campaign strategy

  • Explore cutting edge tools and tactics to create change — and learn to evaluate their effectiveness in supporting a campaign strategy

  • Apply the above lessons to a project they’re working

Is this for me?

This training is ideal for those who:

  • Want to build (or strengthen) their understanding of campaigning and advocacy strategy — and ensure their tools and tactics are effectively supporting their overall mission or social change objectives

  • Currently work for or with campaigning organisations — in roles where a deeper understanding of campaigning would be useful. This training is also appropriate for individuals seeking future employment in advocacy / campaigning organisations, as well as those engaged in grassroots campaigns for social change unaffiliated with a specific organisation.

  • Ideally, are registering with a colleague; this learning will be most easily applied if there’s at least one colleague who you can continue exploring with; more than one colleague would be even better.

Advocacy Accelerator is pleased to present this Modern Campaign Fundamentals training in partnership with Mobilisation Lab.

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Meet Your Facilitators from MobLab

Jacqui Howard
Jacqui Howard
``Jacqui is a project leader, organiser and strategist. She has spent the last decade working with global civil society to build the capacity of organisations, networks, and social movements for social, economic and climate justice. Her approach is underpinned by a solid grounding in social movement theory and practice, and political economy. Jacqui brings a wealth of experience in facilitating organisational change, building partnerships, organising and facilitating innovative events and training, and developing campaign strategy.``
Ben Simon
Ben Simon
``Ben has been leading and advising on modern campaigns for more than a decade. Prior to joining the Mobilisation Lab in 2013, Simon guided digital advocacy for the Democratic Party, Mozilla, and a range of other campaigning organisations. Simon is an experienced meeting designer and facilitator, having led workshops and trainings all over the world.``