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Pan-Africanism can be described as the idea that peoples of African descent have common interests and should be unified. It is the sentiment that people of African descent have a great deal in common. Some would say that it is the realization of identity as an African beyond one’s nationality i.e. superiority of being an […]

Pan-Africanism at work – Reflections from across the region

The Advocacy Accelerator recently hosted a webinar exploring the potential for youth advocacy to disrupt, innovate and re-purpose our approaches to Pan-Africanism in practice in the twenty-first century. The webinar considered issues of ‘’ What pan-Africanism means to young people today ; how do we develop a common language (accessibility & shared meanings) and;  what […]

Pan-Africanism: Mass Movement Building for Youth Advocates in Africa

In this episode of our 3-part webinar series, the panellists discuss what impact pan-Africanism has had on youth advocates across Africa, as well as its importance in youth advocacy. It also features an engaging discussion on the role of language and trade within Africa and how they affect the success and/or failure of pan-Africanism. The […]

Women Deliver: Advocacy Academy

Women Deliver have an upcoming webinar series that will be live, intimate, and interactive online learning opportunities where advocates can hear perspectives and learn best practices from colleagues leading advocacy initiatives around the world. Participation in webinars will be capped to ensure dialogue and shared learning opportunities. Select webinars will be conducted in French and […]

Sharing the power and other shifts in the advocacy language

Reflections from the VOICE INDABA in Nairobi, Kenya- Part 2 By Nafula Wafula This past January, VOICE held a linking and learning INDABA in Nairobi, provoking global learning from innovation grantees, linking and learning teams and other stakeholders to reflect on the first set of Innovate and Learn grants and experiences. The participants were diverse […]

Women Deliver 2019 Conference

Are you coming? We are just 95 days away from the Women Deliver 2019 Conference — the world’s largest gathering on the health, rights, and well-being of women and girls — taking place on June 3rd to 6th in Vancouver, Canada. As you prepare to attend this year’s conference, here are some of the reflections that came out of Women […]

Training event planning

It’s all in the details Martha Mberu My work at Advocacy Accelerator involves developing trainings, planning for them and making sure it all goes well. I never imagined that this would be part of my career path. My ‘baby’ as we call it here, is the Resource Mobilisation Training. Resource mobilisation is the activities involved in […]

Detect, prevent, create an impact

In West Africa, people are faced with problems related to access to information and sexual and reproductive health services on a daily basis. In such a situation, many local civil society organizations detect these problems, take up the issue to voice the people’s problems, alert and inform policy makers to identify appropriate solutions in order […]

Advocacy: Young people around the table and not on the table!

“My name is Ishtar. I am the manager of a South African organization that advocates for the rights of sex workers in order to reduce criminalization. As far as my pathway is concerned, I am from a lineage of trouble makers. I was at university where I learned some kind of feminist theory to support […]