Vania Kibui

Content and Facilitation Lead

Ms. Vania is public policy practitioner with eight years’ experience in human rights with a focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality and good governance. She has great experience in policy advocacy, policy development, regional and international human rights law, legal research and analysis, advocacy strategy and implementation, media and communications strategy, partnerships and movement building in the global south.

Vania has vast experience in working with state actors, including the judiciary, members of parliament, regional treaty monitoring bodies and non-state actors such as health regulatory bodies as well as the media on human rights and reproductive health, working with regional human rights mechanisms in Africa as well as the human rights movement engagement in these structures at regional and national level, and national implementation of global and regional human rights standards.  She has vast experience in advocacy engagement with key government mechanisms to increase awareness on the status of access to essential reproductive health care services and the right to reproductive health; including engagement in legislative processes on critical reproductive health care policy.

She is a skilled facilitator and trainer is passionate about influencing human rights advancements, through public policy research, and human rights based programming especially through strengthening capacity of partners to engage with systems and processes that promote and protect the rights of women and girls access to their rights; this includes access to public services and vibrant public participation, with particular regard to engendered empowerment of the youth in socio-economic rights in Africa through a sector-wide implementation of human rights.