Lilian Kathoki

Knowledge Management & Community Lead

Lilian Kathoki is a Certified Knowledge Manager with over 13 years of professional experience in Knowledge Management (KM) in an international context supporting different regions including Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean. Throughout her career, she has worked in KM teams at national, regional and global level.

Lilian has extensive experience in the development and implementation of KM strategies, design and development of KM systems and tools, establishment and management of Communities of Practice with the aim of promoting knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration across organisations as well as conducting KM audit and assessment.

Lilian holders a Master’s degree in Management of Information Systems, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and is a Certified Microsoft SharePoint Site Administrator. She is a member of KM4Dev, a community of international development practitioners interested in KM and knowledge sharing issues and approaches as well as APQC, a global leader in business bench-marking and best practices for organisations in all industries

To contact Lilian, email: [email protected]