AAC – Supporting Advocates to Combat COVID 19

The Advocacy Accelerator is keen to take the pulse of how civil society actors making change in Africa are being impacted by and responding to the current global pandemic COVID 19. The pandemic and the national and global responses to it are evolving at a rapid pace, forcing change-makers like you to constantly adapt and react to emerging structural discrimination: the impact of this pandemic on the most disadvantaged within our societies cannot be gainsaid.

The Advocacy Accelerator exists to provide change-makers like you with innovative platforms for country-based advocates and their supporters to share experiences, evidence, and approaches. It is your unique stories and practice of resilience and creativity that will build the courage, compassion and fortitude required to continually innovate in the face of crisis.

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The socio-economic challenges faced by you, the people you support and the governments who enact policy can only be mitigated through our collective efforts.

The Advocacy Accelerator COVID 19 Twitterthon Series

We are seeking to draw on our communal experience as actors in the African advocacy space by inviting you to participate in our upcoming May 2020 tweet chat focusing on ‘Strategies used by Change-Makers to ensure change continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic’. #strongadvocacy

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Advocacy Capacity Strengthening and Support:

We have developed knowledge products that challenge the power relations that undermine change in the Global South and can drive systemic change. Change-makers like you, working in various sectors and addressing various policy concerns have taken advantage of some of the products we have developed at your request. These include:

  • Theory of Change for Advocacy for Advocacy and Policy – a course to support change-makers to develop methodology that will allow you to plan and organise your work so that it results in the social change you are seeking to impact.
  • Campaign Accelerator – The first training of its kind to focus on advocates who need capacity support but may face constraints in meeting the costs of capacity strengthening.

What virtual training support are you interested in?

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The Advocacy Accelerator Online Library

Robust research coupled with your valuable experience will change the forecast for advocacy efforts in health and development and we welcome you to share resources, tools or approaches that have been of particular value to you during this difficult period.

What tools, ideas and approaches would you like to share on what is working?

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The Advocacy Accelerator COVID 19 Webinar Series

Thank you for supporting strong advocacy!