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Detect, prevent, create an impact

In West Africa, people are faced with problems related to access to information and sexual and reproductive health services on a daily basis. In such a situation, many local civil society organizations detect these problems, take up the issue to voice the people’s problems, alert and inform policy makers to identify appropriate solutions in order […]

Advocacy: Young people around the table and not on the table!

“My name is Ishtar. I am the manager of a South African organization that advocates for the rights of sex workers in order to reduce criminalization. As far as my pathway is concerned, I am from a lineage of trouble makers. I was at university where I learned some kind of feminist theory to support […]

Innovation in Youth Advocacy

A recent Advocacy Accelerator webinar discussing innovative youth advocacy approaches highlighted a few illustrations of how youth work in their various advocacy engagements. The Uganda women’s march for instance, which was widely covered in regional, national and international news, used social media to publicise and recruit supporters and protesters alike to put pressure on the […]

Clicking Away From The Norm: A Marriage of Technology and Advocacy

As youth advocates, we are mainly driven by the passion not only to do, but also change things that affect us. We are the people who are more than certain that the senior citizens are not in the best position to entirely decide for us. So we rise, to engage them and enlighten them on […]

Africa’s youth and the will to change

We can all agree or at least most of us can, that young people across Africa are doing the most to create social, economic and political change. Whether it’s through innovation, movements, participation in civil society spaces, youth in Africa are no longer waiting on their governments to effect the change they want to see. […]

Youth Exclusion & Disrupting Power

There are various definitions and approaches to understanding or discussing youth advocacy, the most instinctive is often “advocacy of any kind done by a young person” – whichever criteria of ‘young’ is used. There are of course other definitions of youth advocacy, for instance, advocacy on issues directly affecting youth and for youth inclusion in […]

Fear, shame, women and the law:  A young African woman’s perspective

As a girl growing up and now as a woman, there are two emotions I learnt to relate to more than others: Fear, and shame. In 100 countries worldwide, women are barred from doing certain work solely because they are women. Over 150 countries have laws that are discriminatory against women, and only 18 countries […]

Strengthening country-based advocacy for maximum impact: What will it take?

Executive Summary Country-based advocacy plays a critical role in improving health and development in the Global South by ensuring that leaders support and implement the changes needed in their countries. However, there is minimal evaluation and information on what the most effective approaches are to maximizing country-based advocacy impact. To better understand the factors that […]

How do we innovate and win when campaigning gets harder?

Governmental and companies are restricting free speech, stopping internet access and making it harder for activists and NGOs to operate in the open. On May 10, 2018, MobLab Live hosted a conversation with Scovia Arinaitwe [Solidarity Uganda], Reza Ghazinouri [United for Iran], Hajnalka Schmidt [Greenpeace Hungary] and campaigners around the world to share experiences and […]

Advocacy to work in Africa, CSOs need to be Innovative

Daniel Molokele, a human rights lawyer and civil society advocate based in Zimbabwe, share his thoughts on the current civil society environment in Africa. This was during an interview with the Advocacy Accelerator’s Executive Director Wanjiku Kamau, before a webinar hosted by the Accelerator on 23rd August 2017. The webinar’s topic was ‘Accelerating African approaches […]